Tattoo Parlour in Moonee Ponds

People are different from each other in many ways. Everyone likes to feel special and unique in one way or the other. Tattoos are a way of differentiating from one another. People get tattoos to stand out from a huge crowd and look different and notable. Sometimes people choose tattoos as a means to get their message out into the surrounding. It is a bold move to get your feeling out in that way and is surely a unique one.
Base 9 Tattoo Parlours at Moonee Ponds are the best tattoo parlours in town to appease our customers. We provide a socially inviting and inspiring environment and our professional services ensure smooth transition of your dull body part to a vibrant and exciting site.
Moonee Ponds Tattoo Studios have state of the art technology to help you get your body modified. We also conform to the highest Australian Standards (ASO) to give our customers a safe and secure environment. We specially have strict procedures regarding hygiene and ensure that all of our utensils are sterilized before use so that our customers get the clean and risk-free treatment they deserve.

Tattooist in Moonee Ponds

The Tattoo Parlour in Moonee Ponds gives more of a cultural and traditional vibe with modern fusions, to amaze our customers with the vast deal of talent and creativity our workforce possesses. We cater to all of our customer needs and invite them to challenge us with their creativity, so we can draw it out on paper and give the customers a vivid picture of what they expect. This develops a bond of trust between the artist and his client and results in a beautiful piece of art.
We offer a variety of Tattoos at Moonee Ponds like portraits, realism, ethnic tribal, old and new school traditional, scriptures, stamps etc. Here at Base 9 Tattoos, every piece of work is done with full dedication. The couches in the studio and the stimulating environment relax our customers and induce a peaceful state of mind to counter the inflicting pain.

Moonee Ponds Tattoo Studios

Tattooists in Moonee Ponds are highly experienced and trained professionals who guarantee top quality service to each customer, every time. Their skills and creativity speaks from their work. They are passionate about what they do and they maintain a friendly relationship with their clients to make their experience memorable. The Moonee Ponds Tattooists understand art, cultures, and the finer details needed to transform a simple lifeless picture into a lively tattoo that speaks the characteristics and nature of the person who bears it. Base 9 Tattoo Parlours in Moonee Ponds is the place for your perfect tattooing experience where highly trained tattoo engineers transform your visions into reality.

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