Tattooist Ascot Vale

We might walk past through Ascot Vale Tattoo Parlours, Melbourne more often than your average roadside restaurants. It is becoming trendy these days to have a tattoo on your biceps or at the back. Some people opt for tattooing their body to look cool, while others do it simply to show affection towards someone or to establish an emotional connection.
Tattoo Parlours in Ascot Vale are sure to cater all your needs with the coolest of designs whether it is a simple butterfly at the back of your neck, a scripture defining you or portraits etc. anywhere on your body. The tattoos are drawn in black and grey and the combination of these inks is what makes the result beautiful. A small symbol or scripture might take as less time as 1-2 hours whereas an average portrait tattoo might take about 2-5 hours depending on its size and the detail.

Ascot Vale Tattoo Studios

Detailing a tattoo reflects the impression you want to give to others. Custom-made designs are also handled well and represents of how creative you are. Base 9 Tattoo’s top most priority is to satisfy customer needs with the right advice and with top quality work.

Tattoo Parlours Ascot Vale

Ascot Vale Tattoo Studios are the best you can find. We adjust to customer needs and make sure that the customer feels comfortable before they decide to avail our service. Ascot Vale Tattoo Studios, with some of its top of the line furnishings, provide a laid-back and hygienic atmosphere where the customer can clear his thoughts and feel safe to move forward with their intention.
We comply with all Australian standards (ASO), making sure that every time we deliver 100%. Some of us like our privacy when inking our body and here at Base 9 Tattoos, we assure an atmosphere, which is relaxing and isolated. Tattoos are an emotional decision that must be comforted. Modifying your body involves showing a great deal of courage and you expect to be in the best hands to commit yourself for such an important decision.

Tattoo Artist Ascot Vale

Tattoo Artists in Ascot Vale are people with passion of what they do. They are talented and experienced and have all the right gadgets to ensure inflicting as less pain as possible and greater satisfaction and joy. Ascot Vale Tattoo Artists are creative as well. Whether you are a first-timer or a tattoo lover, every experience is dealt with great dedication and enthusiasm. You might have a thing or two in mind, which you might want to express through your body, then the Tattooists in Ascot Vale are the experienced artists you want to be around to do that and Ascot Vale Tattoo Parlours are the right place.

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