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Tattoo enthusiasts in Sunshine, here is some good news for you! We bring to you a cool place where you can get the design of your choice imprinted on your body professionally and with much skill. We are called Base 9 Tattoos and are located at 666 Mount Alexander Rd, Moonee Ponds, Melbourne. We are easily among the best tattoo studios in Sunshine!

We are open 7 days a week and deal in all kinds of tattoos and piercings. The most common styles that we offer include script, traditional, oriental, realism, portraits, etc. You can choose a design from our flash collection or get your own custom made. Bring a design, or if there is one in your mind, talk to our artists and they will be happy to pen it down for you on paper first, free of charge! Only if you are satisfied with the look can you decide whether or not you want it on your skin.

We understand that tattoos hold immense sentimental value. That is why we are in the business! Permanent body art like tattoos hold a lot of commitment, emotion and devotion to the idea that one wants tattooed on their body. And the fact that it is permanent, makes it an even more critical decision. You need skilled hands to do the job for you. One wrong stroke and you will be stuck with an ugly design that would be certainly not fit enough to flaunt. We, at Base 9 Tattoos have awesome tattoo artists who are experienced, creative and super friendly. They are called Chris, Nigel, LaDean, Simon and Zak. Come and have a chat with them if you are thinking of getting a tattoo. They will help you pick a design and location on your body where it would suit best.

Tattoos Sunshine

We also believe in maintaining 100% hygienic conditions and therefore, all our equipment is sterilized and completely safe to use – be it for piercings or tattoo making. Both procedures are also quite painful, so we especially train our artists with techniques in stroking that minimize the pain while not at all compromising on the results.

We try to accommodate walk-ins as much as we can but for custom-made work, please be sure to make an appointment. This work requires time and patience, and we would not want to rush your job because our other appointments are waiting.

We also have some cool Base 9 merchandise and sullen clothing, which might interest you.
We look forward to inking you!

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