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Portrait Tattoo

A beautiful and permanent memorial to a loved one who has passed away, portrait tattoos help Melbourne customers faithfully and tastefully carry the memory of their friend or family member with them wherever they go.

Drawing on years of experience and in-depth training the passionate and professional tattoo artists at Base 9 Tattoos have the skills and the patience to complete accurate and striking portrait tattoos that faithfully convey the physical attributes of the subject. Working to images supplied by our customers we can design and complete portrait tattoos of young, middle-aged, or elderly faces.

Commemorate your Loved Ones with our Detailed Portrait Tattoos

Not just limited to memorialising deceased relatives portrait tattoos can be used as a celebration. Are you wanting something special to commemorate the birth of a child, or your marriage? Our detailed and finely-inked portrait tattoos will instil feelings of warmth and love whenever the wearer lays eyes on it.

Don’t leave your portrait tattoo to just anyone, trust Melbourne’s best tattooists at Base 9 Tattoos! To speak directly to one of our knowledgeable and passionate tattooists for yourself feel free to call our modern tattoo parlour on (03) 9370 1444.

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