PABZ is a South American born artist who moved to Australia at the yound age of ten, then after finishing highschool went on to live on the Gold Coast for a couple years and then New Zealand for a few more and back to Newcastle where he finished a building apprenticeship, but one day decided that he was going to follow his passion for art and tattoos, and one of his close friends and early mentor in the tattoo game (Mick Glenda ) gave him his first machine as he knew there was serious potential and that is what started the ripple effect into what you see today, Pabz always dreamed of becoming a tattoo artist but his parents never allowed it at a younger age so he patiently waited till the time was right and took on the role of an apprentice at a small melbourne tattoo shop (snakebite) not long after moving down here, he excelled in his art with great speed and enthusiasm , as his sculpting and drawing background came in handy, he did many styles until he decided black and grey realism was his specialty, he also does colour on occassion and the odd bit of lettering and pattern work along with Japanese or cartoon style Chicano work, but in general compitent to tackle any job as long as it is not too much negative imagery?

He has worked at renowned shops like Victims of ink as one of the original crew members and at East Brunswick tattoo where he made life long friends, but seeing it was time for change he went out and partnered up with Chris Jensen, to make one of Melbourne’s hottest studios around, with an unbeatable crew of great work and enless good times. Pabz is an accomplished artist with 2 apprentices under him turned pro and two more on the way, to make a booking with Pabz there is a bit of a wait but when you see his work youl know why. So come down for a free consultation and meet the family.

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