Adrian Dominic


Adrian Dominic

Adrian Dominic is an award winning tattooer, originally from Phoenix, Arizona in America. Beginning his career in 1999, Adrian was highly involved in graffiti art. He immediately brought that expertise to his tattoo work with the development of his specialty, biomechanical tattoos.

Combined with an enthusiasm for special effects and films, Adrian painstakingly worked to develop his own language within tattooing. With the fortune of being able to work with some of the world’s best tattoo specialists, he focused his study of the art of tattooing so that the designs he makes will have the best chance possible of staying on the individual for a lifetime. This study forced his tattooing to be very diverse, experimenting and tattooing in as many styles as he could.

Utilizing a series of media in both analog and digital format, the design process Adrian uses is top of the line. A process of sketching, graphite drawing, digital paint, and sometimes even sculpting for these designs makes them unique unto themselves, providing both an organic and mechanical aesthetic. Whether is a color or black and grey rose, a dotted mandala, or whatever tattoo you can dream up, getting tattooed by Adrian Dominic is unlike any other tattoo experience you’ve had. Email your ideas and deposit, and book your appointment today.

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