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The Best Tattoo Artists in Melbourne

At Base 9 Tattoo, we’re proud to say we have some of the best tattoo artists in Melbourne. Our team is experienced, professional and highly skilled in a wide range of tattoo styles.

You can find out more about tattooists by clicking on the artist bios above. Each of our tattoo experts has a range of styles and techniques that they specialise in. That means our tattoo parlour in Melbourne will have an artist perfectly suited to the style or design you have in mind.

Our Tattooing Process

We offer in-store consultations to discuss your tattoo design and we can recommend one of the best tattoo artists in Melbourne. Since good art takes time, there may be a wait before your chosen artist is free. But it’ll be worth it.

Once you meet with your chosen tattoo artist, you can pick from our many flash options or we can provide a full custom design for no extra charge. Whether you’re looking for a detailed portrait design or you’re after an experienced fine line tattoo artist, we can help.

If you’re after an awesome realistic portrait design, then talk to Chris – our resident portrait tattoo specialist. Typically, a custom portrait takes two-and-a-half to five hours, depending on the size and level of detail you want. When it comes to realistic portrait tattoos, quality source art is essential. So, make sure you bring in the best quality photo you can. The better the photo, the better the tattoo.  With plenty of tattoo places in Melbourne, Base 9 tattoo has been the leading tattoo studios in terms of providing custom tattoo designs with hygiene and creativity.

If you’re after something a little more minimalist, our tattoo artists offer some of the best fine line tattoo designs in Melbourne. Browse their work on their profiles to find out more.

Professional Tattooists at our Tattoo Shop In Melbourne

At Base 9 Tattoos, our fully qualified, highly experienced and talented tattoo artists want to give you the best tattooing experience possible. We are passionate about our work, whatever the style. Whether it’s portrait, traditional, tribal, or a fine line tattoo, we work with you to deliver the coolest tattoo designs and the best art.

We take the time to listen to your ideas and workshop them into something extraordinary.

We have a huge range of stunning tattoo artworks showcasing our training and years of experience. We are confident you’ll get the tattoo you’ve always wanted at our tattoo studio in Melbourne. Custom or flash, you can trust our tattoo specialists to deliver awesome designs and flawless work.

Speak To Us Today

To book an appointment or to speak to one of our artists, give us a call (03) 9370 1444. We can provide walk-in tattoos for smaller pieces. But, to be safe, it’s always best to book an appointment.