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Japanese Tattoo

Japanese tattoos are both open and secretive. The multiple colours, shapes, objects and faces tell a story in a way no other form of art can capture. Unlike western tattoos, they are often larger sometimes even spanning the entire body.

The colourful Koi, portrait tattoo and the dragon motifs are some of the very popular choices, and our artists at Base 9 Tattoos do an awesome job making them. We have an array of designs in our flash collection, but if you an image or an idea in your head, then come to us and we will pen it out for you free of charge! Once you are satisfied with the work, you can proceed to get it on your body.

Experience Artistic Japanese Tattoos thanks to Base 9 Tattoos

Japanese tattoos require a lot of skill. They have such shadows and shades that sometimes do not even feature in the western style of tattoos. That is exactly what makes them fascinating and irresistible. Some popular ones include the dragon. This creature is marked with bravery and stories of nobility. It is also very appealing visually with its wings, fire being breathed out and the nuance of slaying one’s enemy in no time. A dragon tattoo can be colourful, feisty and deeply mystical all at once.

Once our artists do a job on you, you are sure to display it proudly all over. Koi is another popular design when it comes to Japanese tattooing. It is a colourful, jewel like carp, which wreaks bravery and auspiciousness. It is mainly drawn for its visual appeal. It can be a living piece of art representing a piece of jewellery that breathes. You can always pick a unique design at Base 9 tattoos and have our artists give you the Koi you are looking for.

The Japanese have always been skilled in art and believe in detail and quality work. Their art takes a lot of patience and dedication and is not a piece of cake for everyone. When it comes to permanent art, the Japanese take it even more seriously. We, at Base 9 Tattoos, do too.

Come to us for a chat if you are thinking of getting a Japanese tattoo. We guarantee that we will have something for you since we pride ourselves for being the best Melbourne tattoo artists. Book your Japanese tattoo by Base 9 by calling us on (03) 9370 1444.

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