Do I need an appointment?

In most cases you do need an appointment. If you only want a small design we might be able to fit you in on the day. Generally it is best to have a consultation in person to discuss your design ideas and so we can have everything ready to go at the time of your appointment. We require a minimum of $100 deposit for all appointments which will come off the price of your tattoo. Deposits are non refundable and we require a minimum 24 hours notice if you wish to reschedule your appointment in which case your deposit will be carried over.

Can I bring my own design or idea?

Yes. You can bring in any design or font you have and we can transfer that into your tattoo design. Designs are best emailed, but you can bring them in on paper or USB flash drive

I am under 18 years of age and have parents consent, is this ok?

NO. It is illegal to tattoo anyone under 18 years of age. Even with parental consent it is still illegal.

Does it hurt?

It varies from person to person and what area of the body the tattoo is located. Short answer Yes, but it is bearable otherwise people wouldn’t keep getting more. It is important to make sure you have eaten well, are not hungover and are well hydrated, this will make your time in the chair a lot more comfortable.

How much does it cost?

Tattoo prices vary according to the size and tattoo designs. Of course, a larger and more complex design will cost more than a smaller, simpler one – that stands to reason. We cannot accurately give quotes to unsighted designs over the phone. Please drop into the studio anytime for an accurate price estimate. Quotes and prices listed on pre-drawn designs are estimates only and may vary according to placement and artist.

How do I care for my new tattoo?

The initial aftercare of your new tattoo is important to the final outcome of your healed tattoo. Just follow these simple steps and you should have no problems with your new tattoo. -1 hour after being tattooed, remove bandage, wash the tattoo in clean, warm running water using mild soap. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.
Do not rub pick or scratch at a new tattoo as this will slow healing time and may lead to secondary infections and affect the quality of the tattoo. Do not re-apply bandage. Do not swim or soak in chlorinated or salt water until healed. -Only use recommended creams for the tattoo and do not over apply. Do not share tubes of aftercare with other people.
Apply the cream twice a day for around 2 weeks. When you feel the tattoo drying out apply cream and massage in to keep the tattoo slightly moist.
- Make sure your hands are clean before applying aftercare. – Keep your new tattoo out of the sun. – Keep the tattoo clean from dirt, grime etc. – Do not use an exessive amount of cream. Return to Base 9 Tattoos if having any problems or concerns with your new tattoo.

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