Traditional Tattoo Melbourne

In Melbourne, Tattoo Studios have become a need for those who love to be on edge and live their life trying new things end enjoying it. It was rare finding tattoo studios before and so it was only occasionally we would find a tattoo on the shoulder of a bodyguard standing in front of a bar or a bar tender. Earlier, it was considered a style statement adopted by fashion groomers and media icons. Now, it is a lifestyle that every one wishes to pursue. It is fashionable yet traditional, depending on what you decide to be inked on your body. It is as common as you would find it on, from Baristas to Celebrities.

Neo Traditional Tattoo

Although common, it is still an important decision of what you want to be tattooed, from where and in what circumstances. It involves a lot of anxiety as to what you are trying to ink on your body, and which will remain a part of you for a long time. Here at Base 9 Tattoo Studios, Melbourne, we offer you the right advice and assure you top quality service.
Our highly trained, passionate and professional tattoo artists understand that a decision to be tattooed is something that is backed-up with feelings and emotions. We provide a safe and inviting environment for our customers to relax in, and take a fully informed decision of what will look best on them and enhance their personality.
Our Melbourne Tattoo Studios comply with the highest Australian standards (ASO) and we make sure that the customer is getting a hygienic and sterilized service they deserve. Our environment is friendly and lively which might inspire you to get a cool design or to come up with your own.

The Best Tattoo Studio in Melbourne

We offer a range of tattoo styles that will suit your lifestyle and shine over your body. We specialize in traditional and neo-Traditional Tattoos, portraits, scriptures, and Custom Tattoos in Melbourne as well. You might have an idea at the back of your mind, which you are unsure of as to how it would look on your body. Our tattoo artists will help you trace your vision onto a paper and advice on how it would look on you.

Custom Tattoos Melbourne

Our team of trained artists will comfort and guide you through the whole process. Whether the traditional black and grey shades will suit you or a touch of vibrant colors will add detail to your design. Traditional Tattoos Melbourne give you a more classic and historical look and adds deepness to your personality whereas Neo-traditional Tattoos Melbourne add a touch of modern colors and animation that will represent your perky and fun personality. So come by Base 9 Tattoo Studios, Melbourne and meet our friendly staff for the tattoo style that suits you.

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