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About Chris Jensen

I started tattooing in August 2009 and my obsession with the art form hasn’t stopped since! I love tattooing realistic pieces like portrait tattoos the most, but i enjoy tattooing most styles as long as it’s a cool design. I like tattooing both black n grey and colour tattoos, they both have their unique challenges and love seeing the results. I love working in Melbourne, it’s a great place for tattoos. If you are after a realistic tattoo then get in contact with me through the shop or my social media pages.

We at Base 9 tattoos can create some beautiful portrait tattoos for you to remember you loved ones or be inspired by your idols. Chris is our resident portrait artist and consultations are free. Generally a portrait varies from 2 and a half to 5 hours depending on size and detail etc. The photo is one of the key elements to receiving a quality and accurate portrait, the better quality the photo the better quality the tattoo.

Check out my facebook page: facebook.com/jensentattoo
And my instagram: @chris_jensentattoo

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